Six Ways You Can Use Dry Ice When It Comes To Food And Drink Preparation

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Dry ice gives you the ability to do some unique and interesting things in the kitchen. If you want to improve your food preparation skills or create some unique foods and beverages to impress guests, it's good to explore the ways you can use dry ice.

The following are six ways you can use dry ice when it comes to food and drink preparation. 

1. Keeping food cold when dining outside

It can be challenging to keep food cold enough when you're holding a cookout or another event that requires perishable food to be stored outside for some time.

Dry ice is excellent for keeping food cold for outdoor dining in the summertime. It is often more convenient than regular ice because it won't get everything wet and soggy like regular ice. That's because dry ice becomes a gas rather than a liquid as it melts. 

2. Cooking seafood

If you're a seafood lover, you might want to try cooking your seafood with dry ice. Exposing seafood to the extremely low temperature of dry ice has a searing effect. This will make seafood that needs to be cooked safe to eat while preserving some flavors that exposure to heat tends to destroy. 

3. Putting a dry ice cube in a cocktail

Using dry ice in cocktails gives cocktails an interesting visual effect. The dry ice will smoke as it melts. This creates a spooky effect that is perfect for a Halloween cocktail party. 

4. Quickly freezing produce from your garden

If you grow your own produce, dry ice can make it especially easy for you to freeze your produce for storage. Flash freezing with dry ice makes it so that frozen fruits and vegetables can be stored longer and maintain more of their flavor. 

5. Creating carbonated beverages

Have you always wanted to try making your own carbonated beverages? With dry ice, it's a fairly simple procedure. All you have to do is place dry ice cubes inside beverages. By doing so, you can make homemade soda. 

6. Making dry ice cream

If you're an ice cream lover but want to try something a bit different, you can make your own dry ice cream.

To make dry ice cream, you need to blend dry ice down to a powder in your blender. Then, you add this powder to churned ice cream base. You have to make sure that all of your dry ice has fully sublimated before you serve this ice cream. 

Dry ice cream will be similar to regular ice cream, but it will have a unique carbonated quality to it. 


9 February 2021

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