4 Custom Cake Ideas to Celebrate Back-to-School

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Children may dread the idea of going back to school, but with a little effort and fun, you can make the experience a positive one. One way to celebrate the occasion and transition to regular life again is with a custom cake. A custom bakery can create a back-to-school cake that represents the new journey and gives children something to look forward to.

Check out some of the custom cake options and fun ways to enjoy the dessert treat.

1. A Chalkboard Cake

The chalkboard is a classic school element that a bakery can replicate in cake form. A flat sheet cake is covered with a dark chocolate frosting to represent the back of a chalkboard. White powder and white frosting can showcase the chalk on the board. Request specific writing like "Back to School", "4th Grade!" or "Good Luck!"

A bakery could take the design one step further with white fondant edible chalk design pieces to add some depth to the top of the cake. You could also request a blank chalkboard and give children their own white frosting to decorate the cake with.

2. Backpack Cake

One of the more typical back-to-school traditions is preparing your child's backpack. Represent the process with a backpack cake. Give a baker a picture of your child's backpack and have the backpack recreated in cake form. Just like a real backpack stuffed with supplies, the cake could have a stuffed middle. The middle could feature extra frosting or edibles items like sprinkles.

3. Classic School Lunch

Many bakeries can create cakes that look like other foods. Consider some of your child's favorite school lunch options and transform them into a cake design. For example, you could request a peanut butter jelly cake where the baker uses angel food cake to represent large pieces of bread.

Brainstorm different food ideas and check out samples of past orders to see what a baker can come up with.

4. Alphabet Cupcakes

Instead of just a large single cake, consider an order of cupcakes. Each cupcake can feature a unique design related to school. For younger students, consider alphabet cupcakes. Order a batch of 26 cupcakes and have a letter of the alphabet added on the top of each cupcake in frosting.

To make the whole display look unique, request different frosting colors to vary the design and make the cupcakes stand out more.

Bakers are always open to new ideas. Come to them with options and make a back-to-school cake a new tradition that your child looks forward to each year. For more ideas, contact a local bakery, such as Charpiers Bakery near you.


9 August 2021

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