What To Eat At A Mexican Restaurant If You Are Diabetic

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As a diabetic, you understand how hard it can be to keep your blood sugar under control when eating out. Without having the nutritional information to look at, knowing the best choices can be difficult. If you are in the mood for some Mexican food, here are a few tips that should help you stick to a diabetic diet while giving in to your mood for spicy foods.

Order A la Carte

While it can be tempting to order a full meal with rice and bean on the side, these items will increase the number of carbohydrates you eat significantly. Instead of ordering a combo meal, order the things you want a la carte. This way you can pick out the healthier options and eat more of them.


A salad with some flavored meat is a good option. However, be sure that the salad is not going to come in a fried tortilla bowl. You can enjoy most of the items that are typically in a taco or fajita, so you get the same taste combinations yet without the carbs that they have in the shells or wraps. In addition, you can have a small salad and then order a low-carb entrée to complete the meal.

Other Healthy Options

Instead of choosing ground beef or steak for your entrée and/or salad, opt for chicken or shrimp. Add to it a bunch of fresh veggies or perhaps some that have been sautéed. Tomatoes, lettuce, and avocados are good options that can be added to the entrée but you should avoid, or restrict the amount of cheese and sour cream.


The truth is, the things that make a Mexican meal are the spices. Luckily, they are carbohydrate-free. If you enjoy hot, spicy foods, go ahead and ask for extra peppers. Simple hot sauces should not have any added sugars or other carbs, so you can eat them to your heart's content. You can also freely add Pico de Gallo and other Mexican herbs to your foods for added flavor.

Don't skip out on a Mexican meal with your friends and family because you are diabetic. Take a bit of time and care in choosing what you eat and you should be able to keep your blood sugar under control. The biggest difference you will notice is that you will need to eat with a fork instead of with your hands. Contact a restaurant, like El Molinito Restaurant & Catering, for more help.


7 June 2018

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