4 Ways to Infuse Apple Cider Vinegar Into Thanksgiving Meals

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Apple cider vinegar typically has a really strong taste, especially when eaten on its own. While the flavors are strong, the vinegar pairs well with many other recipe options. Use apple cider vinegar to add bursts of flavor to food and really enhance flavors. As Thanksgiving approaches, apple cider vinegar provides a fun way to enhance meals and add some flavor.

Check out four different ways to infuse apple vinegar into some of the more traditional Thanksgiving dishes.

1. Boxed Stuffing Infusion

If you purchase stuffing from a box, then you will likely boil some water to prepare the stuffing. When you go to boil the water, replace a little bit of the water with two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. The small amount is just enough to give the stuffing a nice kick without overpowering the original flavor of the stuffing.

For a little bit stronger flavor, you could add a single teaspoon of the cider after the stuffing has steamed in the covered pan and just before you fluff it up with a fork.

2. Brown Sugar Turkey Coating

Add some extra flavor to your main course by mixing brown sugar and apple cider vinegar together to form a coating. Mix a couple of teaspoons of the vinegar with some brown sugar to make a moist paste. When the turkey is halfway cooked, spread the coating over the top of the turkey. The coating will add a nice layer of flavor to the outer skin of the turkey.

3. Side Salads

If you serve salad as an appetizer or a side dish to your Thanksgiving meal, then consider apple vinegar as a dressing. Apple vinegar pairs well with other dressings like a raspberry vinaigrette. The light flavors can infuse well with the salad and elevate the tastes of lettuce, tomato, and cucumber.

Offer a bottle of vinegar on the table so guests can choose the exact amount they want to add to their salad.

4. Pumpkin Cupcakes

Finish off your Thanksgiving meal with a dessert that infuses the vinegar. Many recipes for pumpkin cupcakes will use vinegar right inside the batter. The apple cider flavors fuse well with pumpkin flavors and encompass a complete autumn theme. The cider bakes well to remove some of the tangy flavors and provides a nice blend as it combines with sugar and eggs.

Try one or more of the recipe options as you plan your Thanksgiving meal. Apple cider vinegar could become a holiday staple year after year.


5 October 2022

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