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Regardless of what type of restaurant you plan to open, an essential piece of gear is a set of cutting boards. Your kitchen staff will use the cutting boards countless times a day, so it's important for you to buy commercial-grade products that will stand up to this heavy amount of use. When you browse a restaurant equipment store's selection of commercial cutting boards, you'll see all sorts of products. Often, these boards will come in a set — giving you a specific number of individual boards for one price. Here are some design traits that you'll want to look for when you shop.

Non-Slip Pads

Restaurant kitchen counters can sometimes get wet, and a wet surface can cause things to slide around. When you buy cutting boards, you want to be confident that they'll remain firmly in place even on a wet countertop. A cutting board that slides around is not only difficult to work on, but it could also increase a kitchen staff member's risk of getting cut. Look for commercial cutting boards that are equipped with non-slip pads on the underside. These rubber pads, which often appear at each corner of the board, will hold the board still.

Light In Weight

The weight of cutting boards can vary from product to product. While you might favor a thick, heavy cutting board at home that you can set on the counter and leave in this position, you shouldn't take the same approach in a restaurant kitchen. Kitchen staff are constantly moving around while they work. For example, a cook might be dicing some vegetables in one place but need to move elsewhere to free up that area of the counter for some other food prep. As such, it's useful to buy lightweight commercial cutting boards that your staff will be able to move easily.

Different Colors

While you'll see a lot of commercial cutting boards that are white in color, it's ideal if you choose a set that includes boards of several different colors. This will allow your kitchen staff to designate specific colors for specific uses. For example, they might favor red boards for cutting meat, yellow boards for cutting fruit, and green boards for cutting veggies. Taking this approach ensures that there's no cross contamination. For example, you wouldn't want someone cutting vegetables for a salad on a board that someone else has used for raw chicken.

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2 December 2021

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