Tips For Saving Money On Wedding Reception Catering

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A wedding reception is a wonderful time to celebrate your marriage with family and friends. A lot of couples have a strict wedding budget and want to throw a beautiful reception without emptying their bank account. Catering is one of the biggest expenses when having a wedding reception, but luckily there are a number of ways to serve guests delicious food without breaking the bank. If you're planning a wedding reception on a budget, use the following tips to save money on wedding catering.

Have a Brunch Reception

If you're open to a morning wedding, holding a brunch reception is a great way to provide a great meal to your guests without spending a ton of money. The typical foods served at brunch tend to be a lot less expensive than foods served at dinner. The demand for catering services in the late morning is also lower, so most caterers do not charge nearly as much as they do to cater a dinner.

Serve a Seated Meal

Many people assume that a buffet dinner is a lot less expensive than a seated meal, but this is often not true. When there is a buffet, caterers have to prepare extra food since they do not know what size servings people will eat. You will end up paying for this extra food whether it is eaten or not. When you choose to have a plated seated meal, portion sizes are much easier to control. Your caterer will be able to prepare only the amount of food that is needed, making it much easier to control costs.

Consider a Cocktail Reception

There is no rule that you have to serve a full meal at your wedding reception. Cocktail receptions have become increasingly popular, and they are just as much fun as a wedding reception that includes a full meal. During a cocktail reception, you can serve drinks and have a large selection of appetizers for your guests, as well as wedding cake. Since a full meal is not involved, cocktail receptions can be a lot less costly than a reception where a full meal is served.

Explore Your Options

Before making any firm decisions about the food served at your wedding reception, take a look at all of your options. You don't have to hire a professional catering company that specializes in weddings. There are many restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and even grocery stores that offer catering services. Take the time to look into different options to get an idea of the prices charged. 


17 June 2018

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