Tips For Having An Office Lunch Catered

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An office lunch is a good way to bond and supply your employees with a nice perk. Everyone loves a free lunch, but you still want the meal to be memorable and enjoyable. Catering an office lunch shouldn't be too much trouble since you'll already have a meeting or conference room available. All you'll need is good food. Here are some tips for choosing lunch for your employees.

Ask For Input

If you plan to make the lunch catering a monthly event, then getting input from your employees helps you come up with ideas for food. A box lunch might not be too exciting after a while, but you don't want food that's heavy and makes your employees sleepy after lunch. Some ideas your employees may have include pizza, Chinese food, casseroles, sandwiches, or salads. Consider the image of your company when choosing the meals too. If you're in the health or fitness industry, you may want to go with healthy salads or sandwiches and avoid pizza.

Accommodate Special Diets

Plan the catered lunch in advance so you know who you'll feed and so employees don't have to bring lunch that day. Know if anyone in your group is on a gluten-free diet or is vegan. A caterer can accommodate special diets as long as they have the information in advance. Making sure your employees get their special diet helps them feel appreciated and valued.

Decide On The Style

When everyone is together for a company lunch, it's a good time to hold a meeting. If the meeting happens at the same time as the lunch, you may want sandwiches or other food that is less messy and quick to eat. This also keeps down on the amount of movement and distraction during the meeting. If the purpose of the lunch is simply to show appreciation to your employees, then a buffet or family-style lunch is also appropriate since everyone can talk and move around as much as they want during the meal. Budget may also come into play as a box lunch is easier to control when it comes to portion size and cost. Some employees might overeat if they can self serve their meals, and that might leave other employees without enough food.

Plan The Lunch In Advance

When you have food catered, you need to order it in advance. Unlike deliveries from a local restaurant, your catered meal is custom made for your office. Give your caterer plenty of lead time so the menu can be finalized and the food set up by lunchtime so your employees can enjoy a good meal with the least amount of disruption to their daily routine.

An office lunch is a nice benefit for your employees and once you've had your first one, the others will be much easier to arrange and host. It's a great way to encourage employees to show up for meetings, and it's a fun time to relax and get to know your employees better.


18 June 2018

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