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As an employer, you already understand the vital, unmatched, role that your employees play. Why not give them a perk for all their hard work? If you don't already offer a breakroom equipped with choices like coffee, now is a great time to consider the addition. Not only is coffee a great perk for your team, but it will also send several benefits your way; here are some of them.

Fewer Tardiness Instances

Coffee is a staple in many people's morning routines. If they aren't making coffee at home, they are likely stopping by a coffee shop on their way to work in the morning; the point is that they are going to get their coffee from somewhere. 

If your team member is already running behind, a last-minute coffee run could make them tardy for work. However, when you offer coffee on-site, your employers know that they have one less stop to take in the morning, as they can get their coffee when they arrive at work. 

Increased Productivity

Coffee offers an excellent way to increase productivity. When your team is not productive, the result will show up in a variety of unfavorable ways. However, no matter how slowed production manifests, one thing is for sure — it will affect your profits. 

For some people, a coffee boost first thing in the morning is all they need to stay energetic and productive. However, for some people, a cup of coffee in the mid-morning or early afternoon is just what they need to keep on track. When you offer coffee in the office, your team members have access to coffee whenever they need it.

Greater Motivation

When employees come to work every day, they want to be compensated; however, they also want to feel appreciated. When an employee feels like their employer appreciates their efforts, they are often more apt to work harder and less likely to leave the company. 

Office turnovers affect your operation, and they can increase your cost when you consider the expense of onboarding and training new employees. With free coffee in the breakroom, you have one more way to let your team know that you appreciate their hard work. 

The more focused and productive your employees are, the better it is for the business. Why not give your team a perk they deserve while also improving the company? To bring coffee to your office, contact a delivery service like Five Star Water that will customize an option just for your needs. 


21 June 2018

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