Are You Getting Your Patio Ready For Summer Entertaining?

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During the winter did you just count down the months until summer would arrive? Perhaps you are a person who loves summer living that includes entertaining your friends and your family members in your own back yard. From buying a pellet grill to collecting extraordinary recipes, here are some ideas that might help you to host events that will be remembered for a long time.

A Pellet Grill - Is it time for you to purchase a new grill? Perhaps you've been cooking things like hamburgers on a regular grill or on a small hibachi. If so, they probably tasted really good, didn't they? Well, now that you're in the market for a brand-new grill, prepare to taste burgers, steaks, and even whole turkeys like you've never experienced real eating before. Buy a pellet grill. 

You might have heard about pellet smokers; they're the same thing as a pellet grill. The inventors of the pellet cookers must have been ingenious individuals, as they combined charcoal smoking, gas grilling, and even kitchen oven cooking right in the same piece of equipment. When you see the price of a pellet grill, you might be a bit surprised at how much they cost. However, once you use your own pellet grill, you'll know this was some of the best money you've ever spent. 

New Recipes - Your pellet grill might come with a cookbook or at least a pamphlet that contains recipes you can use with your pellet grill. Those recipes have probably been tried by the same company that produced the pellet grill, so they'll probably be worth trying. Don't stop there, though. Think about creating your own recipes, maybe combining some you have tried before. For example, maybe you've used regular beer as a marinade in the past. Also, you might have basted a ham with brown sugar. Now think about combining both the beer and the brown sugar when you grill things like turkey legs or ribs. 

Trade recipes with friends of yours who are known for their pellet grill cooking. In fact, don't be shy about asking an experienced pellet grill owner to give you a tutorial on things he or she might have cooked in the past. When you try new things, be sure to write them down so you can repeat the recipe if it turns out especially good. Try desserts on your pellet cooker, too. Can you imagine grilling fresh peaches and serving them with homemade vanilla ice cream?

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24 June 2018

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