Benefits Of Hiring A Contract Food Service For Your Company's Corporate Cafeteria


In this day and age, most large corporations either have or are planning on implementing an onsite cafeteria for their employees to dine in. Managing a cafeteria for a large number of people can be a huge task. Many successful corporations choose to hire contract food services to manage a corporate cafeteria and provide all food and drinks. There are several benefits to using a contract food service for a corporate cafeteria, such as:

Save on Costs

While having an onsite corporate cafeteria can benefit a company, using an in-house staff can be quite expensive. Doing so will leave the company responsible for training staff, providing benefits, and also ensuring that there is someone in charge of sourcing food and creating a daily menu. This method of running a corporate cafeteria can be very cost prohibitive and most companies don't want to deal with it.

A simple solution is to hire a contract food service to staff a corporate cafeteria and provide the food. The people working in the cafeteria are employees of the food service, so the company does not have to worry about providing training, offering health insurance, or paying full time wages. The food service will also provide a manager to oversee the operation of the corporate cafeteria on a daily basis.

Improve Productivity

People need to eat throughout the work day, but if a company's office is not located near many restaurant options, it can be difficult for employees to get a meal during their allotted lunch break. Having on onsite corporate cafeteria ensures that all of your employees will easily be able to get lunch each day. Since no one will be hungry, you can count on your employees being more productive throughout the day. 

Focus on Nutrition

One of the challenges of running an in-house corporate cafeteria is ensuring that there are nutritious choices available each day. Luckily, contract food services take the hassle out of creating nutritious and tasty menus for your employees. A contract food service solely focuses on food, and they work hard to purchase healthy ingredients and offer healthy meals to all of the companies that contract with them. Choosing a contract food service for your corporate cafeteria ensures that your employees will have access that is healthy and affordable.

Promote Health and Wellness

Since contract food services work hard to prepare nutritious food offerings, your employees can count on having a healthy lunch in the corporate cafeteria. Eating healthy promotes health and wellness in employees, which can also benefit the company. Employees who eat healthy tend to have better overall health and fewer medical problems, leading to fewer insurance claims and a reduction in the amount of sick time used.


1 July 2018

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