How Older Adults Can Get Enough Vitamin B12 In Their Diets

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Vitamin B12 deficiencies affect people of all ages, but they may be more problematic to those who are over the age of 50. Lack of sufficient vitamin B12 can result in cognitive impairment, fatigue, nerve damage, impaired balance, and anemia. Because the body's ability to absorb vitamin B12 diminishes with age, older adults are more vulnerable to developing health issues created by not get enough of it. Certain medications can also make it more difficult for the body to process vitamin B12, and those who have had surgery to remove part of the bowel may also be at risk as well as people who eat a vegan diet. 

Fortunately, supplements exist to help ensure that everyone gets enough of this important nutrient. However, dieticians recommend that you try to get as much of your vitamin B12 as possible from the food that you eat because it's much more easily absorbed that way. Foods that are naturally high in vitamin B12 include fish, milk, yogurt, eggs, dairy products, poultry, cheese, and pork. Fortified cereals, breads, and beverages are also available. 

Here's an example of a daily menu meant to optimize vitamin B12 consumption. 


Beginning the day with an omelet made with fresh eggs, a splash of milk, and your favorite cheese along with any other ingredients you may like, such as ham or vegetables accompanied by a glass of skim milk, is a great way to begin your day with a good dose of vitamin B12. An alternative is yogurt mixed with fortified cereal and topped with a spoonful of honey. 


A nice chicken salad sandwich made with bread made from grains that have been fortified with vitamin B12 is another great way to get some vitamin B12 into your diet. If chicken isn't your preference, you can always substitute tuna salad for it instead. To add even more vitamin B12, you can add a couple of slices of cheese and make a tuna melt, but you should only do this is you didn't have a omelet containing cheese for your breakfast. 


A nice piece of fried catfish is a great choice for a healthy dinner high in vitamin B12. Fry it in olive oil instead of regular vegetable oil for even more health benefits. Using egg in the batter will provide even more vitamin B12. Catfish is an extremely versatile fish that can also be enjoyed poached or grilled. No matter how you decide to cook it, it pairs really well with rice pilaf and a nice fresh green salad.  


6 July 2018

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