A Super-Simple Spread For Your Fall Events That Will Feed A Crowd Without A Caterer


If the cost of a caterer stretches your fall entertaining budget, keep things simple and do it yourself. There are many satisfying and delicious ideas that are easy to pull together, and that guests will remember and appreciate long after.

Throwing a party or hosting an event? Save money on catering with these super simple ideas:

Pick up fresh-baked breads and rolls. First, call or order a batch of fresh-baked goods to cover your meal or event. Face facts: it is far easier to order Kaiser rolls, breads, and muffins for your guests than to spend the day baking. Plus, you are assured that they will be perfect and delicious; guests will clean them up!

Create a charcuterie. An easy way to address appetizers is to create a large charcuterie platter, big enough to feed all your guests. This is basically something you can do at your favorite deli counter, and involves choosing cheeses, cold cuts, and olives or pickled vegetables to arrange on platters. These are also the ideal accompaniment to the bread and rolls that you buy at the bakery.

Let guests serve themselves. Self-serve beverage stations are very trendy right now in the catering field; guests appreciate the chance to prepare their drink at coffee and cocoa stations, just the way that they like it. These are particularly clever during chilly weather or the holidays; set up an area in your kitchen or entertaining space for a coffee or cocoa bar that you can use as needed when hosting guests or visitors.

Serve what is in-harvest. Take advantage of the fall harvest with roasted root vegetables to feed a crowd. These are easy to cook, inexpensive to buy at the market, and popular at pot-lucks. For a big bash, enlist the help of others to clean, trim, and prep your bounty. Roast with a bit of olive oil and desired spices in a very hot oven until fork-tender.

Fall is perfect for soup. Soups and stews are the perfect solution for feeding a crowd during the cooler weather, plus, it is easy to serve. Use crock pots, chafing dishes, or slow-cookers to keep the soup warm, and allow guests to help themselves. If you are hosting a large event, consider offering at least one vegetarian option for your guests that don't eat meat.

Keep dessert simple. For a sweet finish or brunch favorite, stew fresh seasonal berries with a splash of orange liqueur, apple brandy, or raspberry schnapps. Serve with a dollop of whipped cream in cute mugs that are easy for guests to enjoy as they socialize. For a little crunch, add toasted nuts, granola, or cracker crumbs on top of each one.

If you are hosting a party or reception, try to plan on between-meal times to avoid the added responsibility of preparing an entire, full-course meal. Plan mid-morning brunches, late-afternoon get-togethers, or after-dinner cocktails to keep things simple and stress-free.

Save the money spent on catering and use it for the venue, décor, gifts, or put it back in your own pocket. Use these simple ideas to create a spread that not only feeds and satisfies a houseful of fall guests, but that leaves a flavorful impression that they won't soon-forget!


15 August 2018

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