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If you are going to be starting a catering service, then knowing where to start can be a difficult and time-consuming process. This article will serve as a basic guide and will help you to get pointed in the right direction so you can get started faster. Here are some of the important steps you will need to take to start your own food catering business.

Make sure you are legal

The first thing you want to do is to get your food handlers card and make sure you are legally able to run a business in your area. This means going to the city and paying the fees to become a business. You also want to make sure no one else has the name you want, then register your name by putting the business name on your business license application.

Find a place to prepare the food

If you plan on cooking the food from your home kitchen, then you want to contact the city permit division in your area that handles this type of licensing and find out what you need to do. You may have to prepare the food out of a commercial kitchen in some areas. If this is the case, then you will need to rent space in an already existing commercial kitchen.

Get a website, business cards, and menus

Before you start catering, you are going to want to be set up with a website, business cards, and menus. All of these play an important role in you getting more business and telling interested parties what it is you are offering as far as the food and fees go.

Find your food suppliers

Once you have determined what your catering menu is going to consist of, you are going to want to find suppliers. At first, you may want to test the waters by serving a limited menu. This way, you do not order way too much or not enough food.

Find your equipment supplier

You are also going to need to order your catering equipment, which will include items like your food carts, food pans, food carriers, hot plates, portable bar, and whatever other types of equipment you are going to need for catering the types of foods you plan on offering. Visit a site such as for more information and resources on getting the best equipment possible for your catering business.


4 December 2018

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